India is a country of festivals; every festival plays a significant role here and enjoys by every Indian. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most famous festivals in Mumbai, India. This festival is about affection, sentiments, and bonding between brothers and sisters. The word Raksha-Bandhan means a 'bond of love and protection.' This festival denotes love, care, a sacred feeling, and the warmth of brotherhood. The festival shows the togetherness of Indians as they celebrate every festival as a family.

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In India, each family fulfills all of Raksha Bandhan's rituals, as the festival cannot be completed without ritual performance. The Raksha Bandhan also follows typical Indian traditions: gatherings, complete celebrations, gifts, sweets, lots of noise, music, dancing, and singing. This Raksha Bandhan is a regional festival. Initially, this festival was only celebrated in the north and western parts of India. Still, due to the popularity of this sacred festival, this festival has started to be honored by people not just in India, in fact, but all over the world with the same enthusiasm and spirit. Now Rakhi has become a fundamental part of Indian culture and customs.

Rakhi Ritual:

First, rituals are performed, and prayer is done in front of God. On the auspicious day of Rakhi, the sister prepares a thali- puja thali with different beautiful things like diya, roli- chawal, attractive Rakhi, and sweets. Then, the sister tilaks her brother by roli- chawal! After that, she ties Rakhi to her brother and desires his bliss and well-being. In return, the brother acknowledges his sister's love with swearing or a promise to stand by her side through all life situations, good or bad. As well as brother gives his sister a lovely gift. Gift shows the physical acceptance of their care, love, and reminder of his oath and togetherness.

Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated with the same tradition, rituals, and reasons for many years. Only one thing has changed with the fast and changing standard of living to make the celebration extra elaborate and joyful. This Raksha Bandhan day has inbuilt power that attracts and pulls brother-sister together. Every sibling tries to reach out to their sibling on this day. Although the distance between siblings has increased in this rapidly changing life, it still reminds them to come close and celebrate this sacred festive.

Their joyful meeting and family get-togethers increase the charm of the Rakhi festival. It gives opportunity to everyone to celebrate and meet with each other. People also share homemade tasty sweets and dishes and exchange gifts. They talk to each other and share their life experiences. But every sibling is not lucky to meet with their brother-sister for some reason. In this situation, rakhi cards, e-rakhis, and sending online Rakhi are the best options. They can send rakhi messages with Rakhi online to demonstrate siblings' love and care.

Benefits of Online Rakhi

Sister ties Rakhi on their brother's wrist as a sign of love and care. Usually, brothers visit their sister's place and celebrate this festival following all the rituals. If they cannot meet or live in different cities, then sister post rakhi or use courier service; and send a small amount of roli- chawal. This is a traditional way of sending Rakhi.

But today is a fast-growing world, and with the speedy internet, the new trend- online rakhi shopping- is getting increasingly popular worldwide. Online rakhi shopping is the easiest way. That's why it's gaining popularity, and demand for online Rakhi is increasing yearly.

Various websites or portals offer the facility to buy Rakhi in just one click from their sites. Who wants to buy Rakhi has many options available on rakhi shopping sites. Design and style start from handmade to modern style rakhis that involve mauli rakhi, zari rakhi, silver, gold, pearl rakhi, floral Rakhi, Feng Shui Rakhi, Cartoon Rakhi, and Rudraksha Rakhi, Soan Rakhi, an unlimited variety of rakhis. These sites are available 24/7 with their customer services. People can buy and send their selected Rakhi anywhere all over the world. Websites' customer service department handles all the queries and problems of their customers.

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