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Rakhi - The Epitome of Boond between Brother & Sister

After our birth in this world, we are connected to everyone with many relations. These relations owe a prominent space in our minds and hearts for each other. Brother & Sister bond or Siblinghood is one of the most epochal relations in human life. This is the relation that is filled with lots of love, affection, arguing, fighting, and craziness. Brothers & Sisters are always partners in crimes and happiness. To strengthen this bond, the RakshaBandhan festival is celebrated across India and the world in Indian culture. It is a portrayal of the affection and love between brothers and sisters. In this festival, sisters used to tie a pious thread called Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. In return, brothers promise to help and love his sisters till the lifetime. Apart from this, brothers use to present gifts to the sisters which are a token of love. 

When RakshaBandhan is celebrated in India?

Raksha Bandhan in India is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Sharavan as per the Hindu calendar. It is the last day of the Sharavan month of the Hindu calendar. In the English calendar, this festival of the cemented bond of care and affection is celebrated in August. It is the day in which sisters and brothers meet in one place, share their experiences, life events, etc. Right from the beginning of the New Year, the planning of the Rakhi festival is started with joy and enthusiasts. But due to work, job, and other responsibilities it is not possible for every brother and sisters to meet each other every time. This leads to the generation of Selling Rakhi Online so that they can even enjoy their festivals with joy...

Why RakhshaBandhan is celebrated?

Rakhi is celebrated with joy and pleasure amongst every brother and sister of India. But, "Are you aware of the reason behind the celebration of this festival of love in India?"

The origin of RakshaBandhan is related to many stories of ancient that took place in ancient India. The story between Lord Krishna and Draupadi from the third ages of Hinduism or Dwapar Yug is very famous. According to the story, once Lord Krishna's little finger gets cut while handling the sugarcane crops. After seeing the cut in the finger of Lord Krishna, Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas ties a piece of cloth on his fingers which works as a bandage. So, in return for this act of kindness Lord Krishna promises her to protect in her bad times. Later Lord Krishna help Draupadi during "Chirharan".

Apart from this, one more tale is popular in terms of this festival of Siblings. This tale is of "Emperor Humayun" and "Rani Karnavati". When the Sultan of Gujrat, Bahadur Shah invaded the territory of Rani Karanavati, she sends a rakhi to Humayun with the request to protect her from the invasion. Emperor Humayun accepts the Rakhi from Rani Karnavatiand protects her like a brother. Apart from this many other stories are related to this pious and lovely festival.

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Although the thread of Rakhi in any form is pure and pious. However, the love of siblings not affected by the categories of Rakhi. But to build more enthusiasm and enhancement of happiness, is equipped with a wide range and variety of Rakhi to add the essence of happiness at the festival. Our various collections of Rakhi includes:- 

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  • Metal Rakhi - Designed on the metal surface, this type of Rakhi is nowadays in trends. 
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