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Online Rakhi Delivery in Mohali 2022 with Free Shipping

The cultural heritage of Mohali is very magnificent and unmatched. This city is well known for its modern lifestyle and beautiful surroundings. This city is recognized for its wide variety of foods and festivals. People of this city love to enjoy spicy and tasty foods. People from all religions and castes reside here. The city population majorly consists of Sikhs and Hindus. Punjabi and Hindi are the most popular language used by the people of this city. People of this city celebrate all the festivals with full enthusiasm and happiness. The people of this city are generally polite and peace-loving.

Among all the festivals, Raksha Bandhan is one that the people of Mohali celebrate with full enthusiasm and happiness. On Rakhi, a sister ties Rakhi on the right wrist of her brother. The reason behind tying this thread is the belief that this holy thread helps the brother to get away from all the harm and evils of life. On this day brother also promises his sister to protect her from all the bad and evils of life. After tying the sacred thread, they share sweets. They do all the possible things to make this day a memorable one.

We are very much aware that Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated in India. This festival is a symbol to show that no matter how modern we are, we still celebrate every festival with complete joy and happiness. As time has changed, siblings try to get things done quickly and more efficiently. So instead of going to the marketplace or sending the Rakhi or Rakhi gifts through post or courier, which is considered a prolonged and risky process, they prefer to for online Rakhi portals like

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