Delhi is the capital of India celebrate rakhi festival with joy & rejoice.
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Rakhi Gifts 2021 New Delhi Online - Convey Best Wishes on Siblings

Humans have many emotions inside them but one of these emotions is so pure and sacred that is a love between a brother and sister. This pure and deepest bond is celebrated on ‘Raksha Bandhan or ‘Rakhi’. On this day every Indian celebrates the love and care between brother and sister with all types of Indian rituals.

This occasion is marked by tying a sacred and holy thread around the brothers’ wrist by his sister. This holy thread has sisterly love, affection and sublime emotions for her brother, and is called as ‘Rakhi’. Rakhi denotes a ‘bond of protection or security’. Raksha Bandhan has importance in siblings’ life because it symbolizes that a brother must protect his sister from all bad things in her life.

The Raksha Bandhan day comes on the full moon day of ‘Shravan’ month (Hindu month), on this day sisters tie a holy thread- Rakhi on her brothers’ right wrist and also prays for his well being and long life. Various types of rakhies are available which are prepared by various good looking things like sequins, precious stones etc., they all are beautifully crafted.

Rakhi Customs and Tradition

Like other festivals in India Rakhi festival also has some customs and traditions. First thing to do is to wake up in the early morning and take bath to get rid of impurities from the body as well as mind. Sister and other family members make sweet dishes for celebration. A sister prepares a pooja thali which includes Rakhi, diya, kumkum (roli), chawal (rice), sweets for ceremony. Then at the suitable but appropriate time sister tilaks her brother on his forehead, do arti and after that ties Rakhi on her brothers’ right wrist.

Then put sweets in her brothers’ mouth and pray for his well being and good life. In return, brother promises to his sister that he will protect her from all bad times. He gives her something special as a gift which brings smile on his sister’s face. This sacred Rakhi festival symbolizes the sweet and loving bond between a brother and a sister.

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The Social Binding

Indian culture and rituals for Rakhi festivals just not only makes the bond of love and care stronger between the brothers and sisters, but also brings the families closer. Rakhi is an occasion just not for real blood brother but it can also be tied on close friends’ and neighbours’ wrist which shows the need of pleasant-sounding social life, where every person co-exist calmly as brothers and sisters.

By this tradition all member of society take oath to protect and love each other, which gives them standard living lifestyle without problems.

The Friendly Knot

Now days friendship band are in culture but it doesn't mean it can take place of Rakhi. Yes, it has gained in popularity. A girl can tie rakhi on her friends’ wrist to show her care and friendship. It says that they will be with each other in good as well as bad times of life.

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The Auspicious Full Moon

Rakhi festival comes on full moon day which is also known as Purnima. It is also known with different names like Kajri Navmi, Kajri Purnima. In North India, on this Purnima wheat is sown and Devi Bhagwati is worshipped. This festival is also performed in Western state but the name and rituals are different. It is called as Nariyal Purnima or can say Coconut Full Moon. In Southern states, it is known as Shravan Purnima and has an important space in religion; especially for Brahmin people. Raksha Bandhan festival is known by different names like Vish Tarak (the destroyer of poison), Punya Pradayak (the bestowed of boons) and also a Paap Nashak (the demolisher of sins)

Why Rakhi?

Traditions and festivals like Rakhi which is a symbol of togetherness of brother and sister, there is no second thought that helps in demolition of all bad past experience and strains. This day encourages fellow- feeling; gives a chance to show expression, opens up an opportunity to rephrase on our role as human beings, most vitally bring happiness in our commonplace lives.

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Types of online Rakhi

  • Auspicious Rakhi - this creates positive vibrations in your brother's life by sending auspicious rakhi on the day of Raksha Bandhan.
  • Designer Rakhis - it is designed to suit according to the modern taste of life and has various decorative things in design.
  • Zardosi Rakhi - it has embroidery and sequins work, they are little bit expensive but has worth.
  • Mauli Rakhi - it is a traditional Rakhi, yellow- red thread; also known as Kalawa.
  • Pearl Rakhi - it contain small, shining pearls, which easily catch eyes of your brother.
  • Silver Rakhi - it made from silver thread.
  • Golden Rakhi - different type of gold rakhies are available like, gold thread Rakhi, Gold coin Rakhi and Gold bracelet Rakhi.
  • Cartoon Rakhi - it use various popular cartoon characters like Bheem, Tom and jerry, Spiderman, Superman etc, it is used for children specially.
  • Rudraksha Rakhi - Rudraksh is a bead of seed which has great place in Hindu culture. This type of rakhi contains Rudraksh. Send Rakhi to Delhi

Every sibling waits for this auspicious Rakhi festival which strengthens their bond more and more. By this festival, they remain in connection and celebrate their togetherness. Sisters tie Rakhi on their brothers’ wrist and pray for their prosperity and longetivity. This old rakhi festival is still young. So send Rakhi to Delhi to your dear brother.

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