Nowadays, one can send online Rakhi to brothers. Read out information about Rakhi shopping in India:

During the festivities of Rakhi, the markets are in full bloom. Few days before Rakhi, sisters go to market to do Rakhi shopping. Besides buying gifts, sweets and new clothes, they buy Rakhis for their brothers. There are lots of types of Rakhis, with several designs, in the market all over. The wide range of Rakhis include Designer Rakhis, Zari Rakhis, Resham Rakhis, Mouli, Cartoon Rakhis, Rakhis with a religious touch and many more.

Today Indians are spread over all over the world. On this auspicious day, the brothers want to be present with their sisters. Sometimes, it is just not possible to make it. But now they should not get disheartened. Today one can buy and send Rakhi online to India and to any country on this earth.

Kid Brothers:
The brothers in the age group upto 13 years are the children. So go for a Rakhi with a kiddish touch. While selecting a Rakhi for this age group brothers, always keep in mind their liking. They generally like the cartoon characters such as Jokers, Pokemons, Donald Duck, Shaktiman, Micky Mouse, Tweety and other Superheros. The musical Rakhis that produce different musical sounds are also liked by this age group. The Rakhis with toys like mobile handsets, cars, bikes and animals etc. attached to them are also well liked by the children.

Young Brothers:
The brothers in the age group of 13 to 35 years are the young people. There is a wide range of Rakhis in this category that is popular among this age group. Such Rakhis mainly include Rakhis with a traditional look like Thread Rakhi, Beads Rakhi, Zardozi Rakhi, Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi, Fancy Rakhi, Roli-Moli Rakhi and gifts like Rakhi Thali, Mithai Thali, Mithai, Sugar Free Mithai, Chocolate, Rakhi Cards, Rakhi Gift Hampers. Rakhis with trendy looks like funky Rakhis, bracelet style Rakhis, wristwatch style Rakhis, currency note Rakhis are equally liked by this age group brothers. These age group brothers prefer the latest designs of Rakhis in the market.

Older Brothers:
The brothers generally above 35 year are included in this age group. This age group brothers usually like the simple and not very heavily decorated Rakhis. These brothers mostly prefer the simple 'Dori', Mouli or the 'Ram Rakhis'. They sometimes also like the Zari Rakhis, Resham Rakhis, gold-silver coated Rakhis and Rakhis embedded with precious and semi-precious stones. The special Rakhis with a little religious touch are also well liked in this age group. Such Rakhis carry the pious symbols of 'Hindu Dharma' like 'Om' sign, 'Swastika' sign and 'Shree' sign. Further, gifts like Rakhi Thali, Mithai Thali, Mithai, Sugar Free Mithai, Chocolate, Rakhi Cards and Rakhi Gift Hampers are also liked by this age group.

In some parts of India, like Rajasthan and Gujarat', on the Raksha-Bandhan day ladies tie a special type of Rakhi, known as 'Kangan Rakhi' or ‘Lumba’ on to their sisters-in-law. The 'Kangan Rakhi' or ‘Lumba’ is tied in the bracelets or the bangles of the ladies which the ladies put on their wrists. First of all, the ladies apply 'Roli Teeka' on the foreheads of their sisters-in-law. Then perform the tying of Kangan on to their sisters-in-law. Then they sweeten each other’s mouth with delicious sweets. And then offer gifts to each other that could be either in cash or kind. Further, gifts like Rakhi Thali, Mithai Thali, Mithai, Sugar Free Mithai, Chocolate, Rakhi Cards and Rakhi Gift Hampers are also liked by the sisters-in-law.

So, in case you have not yet bought any Rakhi,
Buy them online and send Rakhi to India or anywhere in the world on time.