How to made rakhi cards (Traditional and Embroidered)

How to make a Rakhi Cards - Raksha Bandhan Card |

Tips on Making Rakhi Cards:

There are ways to create Rakhi Cards that are beautiful and easy and fun to make. They can be hand-painted or embroidered. The cards can have decorated lacy borders or textured with clay or paint.

1. Traditional Card

Material Required:

  1. Handmade card Paper
  2. Moli/ Kalawa
  3. A small carved Ganesha/ Swastik
  4. Red and Yellow Paint


  1. Cut the paper of the desired size (7 " x 11" is an ideal size) and fold it in the middle.
  2. Leaving ½" border, paste the moli thread making a rectangle, the size of this rectangle may vary as per your design visualization. Line with a decorative border on the inside using red and yellow colors. Paste the motif of Ganesha or Swastika a little off-center towards the top and write 'Happy Raksha Bandhan' or similar short message below the motif. You can also take a computer printout of the writing part if the design has been decided upon earlier. Write your message on the inside of the card.
  3. If you wish to give it a more contemporary look, you can use lace or a ribbon instead of moli.
  4. You can use pressed flowers or reeds as the center motif. Some relevant picture cut-outs can also be used.
  5. Enclose the card with Rakhi, tika, and rice.

2. Embroidered Cards

Material Required:

  1. Paper Card Sheet
  2. Colored Embroidery Threads
  3. Sewing Needle
  4. Glass Beads
  5. Pattern
  6. Tracing paper


  1. Cut the card paper in the desired size and fold it. Trace the pattern on the front side of the card. Embroider on the pattern lines. Stitch the beads where ever need be. You can also paste the beads instead of stitching.
  2. Cards can be created using an assortment of things easily available in the house. Cloth patches can be arranged in some geometric patterns. Large motifs on some fabric can be pasted complimented by freehand designs. Beautiful pictures can be stuck on the card sheet.
  3. Once you start the process, Ideas come pouring in. Don't hesitate; send a handmade Rakhi card this season.